Charlotte's Web

My mom and I just finished reading Charlotte's Web by E. B. White.  Charlotte was sweet to Wilber and she saved his life by writing in her web.  My favorite part was when Charlotte first met Wilber because he was happy that he made a new friend.  A part I didn't like so much was when Charlotte said she couldn't come back to the barn with Wilber and his friends.  That part made me feel sad, but I didn't cry like my mom. My favorite character in the book was Charlotte because she was a good writer and a good friend.

Braelyn Got Go To The Zoo

Yesterday, I went to the zoo.  One of my favorite parts was when one of the lions roared because the girl lion was in his spot and she laid on him.  My other favorite part was when we got on the carousel with my friend Betty and I got to sit by her.  My other favorite part was when we got to go in the bat cave and I liked it because they were creepy.  I really liked seeing the rattlesnakes because I like their scary face.  I also liked when I got to see a baby elephant sleeping on the ground.  At the end of our time at the zoo, I did not like the feeling of when my legs got sore and I did not like when I got hot.  The End.

An Elephant Taking a Mud Bath

Once upon a time a little elephant loved to take a mud bath the most. She did it every day but she couldn't stop doing it. And then her mom said to come out but she didn't want to. But she came out and then she realized that she didn't like taking mud baths because it was cold outside, but she still had to take mud baths to keep her skin safe and to keep the bugs out. Then they went inside and ate lunch and they lived happily ever after.
We've been reading lots of elephant books. We read: Elmer and Rose - D. McKee Tree Ring Circus - A. Rex Emma Kate - P. Polacco Encore for Eleanor - B. Peet Ella the Elegant Elephant - d' amico Elephants - non-fiction Forget Me Not - M. Broad Tweak Tweak - E. Bunting
This is just like Encore for Eleanor! My favorite elephant books were Encore for Eleanor, because I liked when Eleanor draws the pictures, and Tweak Tweak, because I liked when the baby elephant asked all the questions and I liked when the mom said, "No, no."
My mom&…

A Halloween Story

A little girl named Braelyn was a fairy for Halloween and she went trick-or-treating with her friends. When she opened the door she said "Trick-or-Treat!" and a moster appeared! She freaked out and then went back home. She told her mom and dad what had happened but they didn't believe her. She told them the truth and they did believe her. They watched a Halloween movie together and went to bed.
The End

We've been reading lots of monster stories and Halloween books. My favorite Halloween books are: - I Need My Monster - A. Noll - Pumpkin Jack - W. Hubbell

A Teddy Bear Story

Once upon a time a bear lived in a house. This bear had one little bowl and one little bed. It was a baby bear but he didn't have a mommy or a dad. But he did like his own company. And this bear was 5 years old. This bear lived in a big house but a very little bed. He could read his book while he was in his chair.
For the past 3 weeks we have been reading teddy bear stories. My favorite bear stories are: - Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Retold by Jen Brett (You might have noticed how this book has influenced my writing.) - Ira Sleeps Over - B. Weber - Alfie Runs Away - K. Cadow

The Spider and the Necklace

There was a girl and there was a spider. There was a big giant spider that hurt her. Then she got a necklace and the spider got her necklace. Then, it was in his tummy. She was crying. She got a new tape and a new necklace. She hung a calendar on the wall (with the tape) and she put her necklace on. Then the spider got away.

Bath Tub Conversation

Braelyn: You know president Obama?

Mom: Yes.

Braelyn: She's my best friend.

Mom: He's a man.

Braelyn: He's my best friend.

Mom: Why is President Obama your best friend?

Braelyn: Because he's President Obama. Haha.

Mom: What does President Obama do?

Braelyn: I don't know. He speaks and talks to everyone.

Mom: What does he talk about?

Braelyn: No response. Back to playing with bath toys.

Mom: Well, I know your Papa will be so proud. ;)